What is co-extrusion?

Normal Co-extrusion WPC


The core is made from carefully selected recycled material and highly dense recycled hardwood and softwood fibers that allow for greater strength and durability, and the best of all it’s 100% recyclable.


The advantages comparing with Normal WPC:

03The advantages for Guofeng Co-extrusion:
  1. Two different colors on one profile


The photo is for one face is grey color the other face for brown.

     2. Different wood grain


            Wood Grain B              Wood Grain A           Middle Stripes          Small Stripes

      3. Faces treatment:


          Using special machine to sand the surfaces to be like nature wood.

       4. Quality Testing Report.


Luminous WPC

This is new creative technology of co-extrusion on normal PE-WPC from Anhui Guofeng Wood-Plastic Composite Co., Ltd. The co-extrusion part will collect power to be light, so it will make the projects to be lovely, and also can be warning sign in some special places.




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