Letter to Customers from Anhui Guofeng

Dear customers,

We are very sorry to inform you as we celebrate the most traditional festival – the Chinese New Year, a new coronavirus has occurred in China. After the outbreak, the Chinese government paid great attention and appointed medical expert teams to the core areas as soon as possible to identify pathogens as quickly as possible, at the same time, share the whole virus genetic information with the International Health Organization and other countries completely openly and transparently, and publish the epidemic situation timely.

Due to the large population density in China, and the Chinese New Year, the large population flow, it has brought great difficulty to the control of the coronavirus, but the Chinese government spares no effort and costs regardless to control the epidemic. Because of the correct measures, the epidemic did not occur on a large scale. It still mainly occurred in Wuhan city, and no serious epidemic occurred in other cities.

In order to further control the epidemic and defeat the virus as soon as possible, the Chinese government asks enterprises to extend the Chinese New Year holiday. Therefore, according to the relevant requirements of the Anhui Province and Hefei City governments, and the mother company – Anhui Guofeng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. We decided to extend the New Year holiday until February 9. This measure will greatly reduce the risks by the personnel movement; it will also facilitate the self-isolation and personnel observation, which is very important for controlling of the coronavirus. If you have any questions during the period, you can always communicate with the relevant business manager.

We firmly believe, and ask you to believe that this coronavirus is not terrible. We can certainly finish this epidemic as quickly as possible under the leadership of our powerful government. At the same time, please believe that our company will always take the interests of customers first, and deliver your order with the fastest under high quality and enough quantity. If there is information about holiday adjustments later, we will communicate with you in time. thank you for your support!

Business emergency telephone: 0086-13966685369, email: jason@guofeng-wpc.com.